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Welcome to our website.

Michigan Community Repair Center repairs OLPC XO-1 Laptops (NOT XO tablet) and provides parts through MiXO..


Displays and power adapters available for all models and USB to Serial adapter kits for XO-1 (and direct serial cables) are in stock.  Keyboards now in stock.  BUA (keyboard + keypad) for XO-1/1.5 and keyboard for XO-1.5.  No batteries are in stock and are not expected.  A few solar panels are available for the XO-1.5 , XO-1.75, and XO-4  (18 volt clamping diode required for XO-1).  AlLi Power Bank in stock.

Power plug with short 3 inch cable ("loose wire") in stock.  New is a Raspberry Pi Zero board sharing its Chromium Web Browser with the XO.


Substantial discount for deployments.


Site updated 16 November 2019


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