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Welcome to our website.

Michigan Community Repair Center repairs OLPC XO-1 Laptops (NOT XO tablet) and provides parts in cooperation with I Love My XO.  I Love My XO provides the first contact point for any inquiries or questions about parts or repairs..


Displays and power adapters available for all models and USB to Serial adapter kits for XO-1 (and direct serial cables) are in stock.  Keyboards now in stock.  BUA (keyboard + keypad) for XO-1/1.5 and keyboard for XO-1.5.  No batteries are in stock and are not expected.  See XO Battery section for battery restore and rebuild.  A few solar panels are available for the XO-1.5 , XO-1.75, and XO-4  (18 volt clamping diode required for XO-1).  AlLi Power Bank in stock.

Power plug with short 3 inch cable ("loose wire") in stock.


Substantial discount for deployments.


Site updated 9 September 2017

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