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XO Laptop Repair Center and Lending Library
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Mid- Michigan repair and lending of the OLPC XO Laptop Computer

This is the website for The Mid-Michigan XO Laptop Repair Center and Lending Library (MiXO Library).  Mid-Michigan is a band across the state with the south edge defined by Detroit and the north edge defined by Mount Pleasant.  This encompasses the major state universities.

If you have a short term need for an OLPC XO Laptop, the Library has XO's for short term lending.  This may be just to learn about the XO, to develop sofware for the XO, or anything between. These are available without charge or with a small shipping charge.

The Library has up to 100 XO-1 to loan (less number on loan) and four XO-1.5 (less number on loan).  Each is in quality condition and can be loaded with any of the OLPC Sugar versions:  original (build 650), 8.2.1 (build 767 / 802),  10.1.3, or  11.3.0, 11.3.1, 12.1.0, 13.2.0, 13.2.1 .

A few XO's are available for loan to anywhere in the continental U.S. .

Any Activity available from OLPC site can be loaded.  Hardware available: Lego WeDo, NXT and Veho 400X microscope (currently not available).

One XO-1.5 loaded with XSCE (school server) software is available.

Repairs for "bricked" XO due to Real Time Clock problem (no display visible as XO powered on). 

Keyboard and display replacement (keyboard currently not in stock for repair) and limited number of other parts for repair.

Loan of  USB to serial adapter kits for do-it-yourself "unbricking" (anywhere in USA).  

Limited number of connectors only to match serial port on XO-1 (connector on one end of short ribbon cable and bare wires on other end).

Loan of software update kits (software on USB drives).

Library Activated August 15, 2010.  This page updated on August 12, 2014.

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