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Restoring and Rebuilding XO-1 Battery

External Power Bank


Restoring XO-1 battery after lengthy storage of battery alone or in laptop


Batteries stored for lengthy periods (years) may not then recharge properly.  The battery appears to charge to full, as indicated by a green battery light, but will not power the XO-1.

These batteries are NOT defective.  Generally, this results when one of the two cells in the battery has discharged below normal and the internal charging circuit will not charge the cell.. This cell can be slowly and partially charged with an external device for LiFePO4 cells and will then charge normally.  Charging points can be accessed through pin size  holes drilled in the bottom of the battery case and thereby without opeming the case.


Discharged batteries may even exhibit 0.0 volts output even though there may be residual charge in the cells.  The charging protection circuit in the battery has disconnected the output to the battery connector.


The Michigan Community Repair Center will restore such batteries and return without cost, if it is delivered to them. Recommended shipping is by Flat Rate Priority Mail, small box, at about $7. Flat rate boxes are free at post office.

Contact us for instructions.



Rebuilding XO-1 battery


XO-1 batteries have been successfully rebuilt and tested with 4 cells, type 18650 (Tenergy IFR-18650, 1500 mA-hr, 3.2 V, LiFePO4) to replace the two original BYD cells.  The 18650 cells are 3 mm too long to fit into the unmodified case. The Tenergy battery is about 0.2 mm shorter than the typical 65 mm length.  A modified case will accept these cells.  The modification consists of milling off the interlocking tabs at both end of each cell compartment.  The battery pack's protective polymer resettable switch in the B2 - connection must be retained.  Test batteries in the XO-1 have provided greater than 3 hours of operation at maximum display brightness.


Any rebuilt batteries are not certified for handling by shippers, so we can NOT provide a "rebuild and return ship" service.   We may be be able to provide rebuilding for local XO batteries.


Contact us with any questions about your XO-1 battery.


External Power Bank

I Love My XO is offering  the AiLi external  battery (power bank) For 3 or 6 Li Poly type 18650 cells.  3 cells provide about 3 hours of run time and 6 cells 6 hours. This in addition to the XO battery run time.  The 13.5 volt power adapter for  the XO-1.5, XO-1.75 or XO-4 or Solar Panel is  needed to charge.  The 12 volts of the XO-1 power adapter is too low of a voltage.  Price is $20 (USD) WITHOUT BATTERIES (plus shipping).  Lithium Ion batteries can not be mailed internationally.

Email us for further information.  See Contacts tab.

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