Michigan XO Laptop Community Repair Center Repair, Parts and Enhancements for OLPC XO Laptop
Michigan XO Laptop Community Repair CenterRepair, Parts and Enhancements for OLPC XO Laptop 

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Michigan XO Laptop Community Repair Center repairs One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO-1 Laptops (NOT XO tablet) and provides parts and enhancements.


Displays and power adapters are available for all models and USB to Serial adapter kits for XO-1 (and direct serial cables) are in stock. 


Keyboards now in stock.  BUA (keyboard + keypad) for XO-1/1.5 and keyboard for XO-1.5. 


A few batteries are in stock for USA shipping.  AlLi power bank in stock.


A few solar panels are available for the XO-1.5 , XO-1.75, and XO-4  (18 volt clamping diode required for XO-1).   


New is a Raspberry Pi Zero board sharing its Chromium Web Browser with the XO. The XO Laptop can be enhanced with large collections of content such as RACHEL on large SD memory cards or VT RACHEL wireless router and large digital library on Internet-in-a-Box server running on Raspberry Pi Zero W .


 Substantial discount for deployments


Site updated 12 May 2023


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