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XO Sharing WiFi With Pi Zero / Chromium and Desktop 

The XO can act as keyboard and display and share its WiFi with the Raspberry Pi Zero (W) running PiOS  Desktop, which includes the Chromium Web Browser. Current PiOS is Bullseye, which provides some improvement over previous versions.  Still, applications expecting fast motion graphics are not suitable.  The XO uses its SSH services with its X11 forwarding to provide keyboard input to the Pi Zero (W) and displays its output. This is provided over a USB cable connection configured as a wired ethernet.  The XO can also share its WiFi with the Pi Zero, which does not have WiFi hardware.   The same USB cable can provide power for the Pi Zero (W).  Ask about the Pi Zero W2 (64 bit).  The setup of the Raspberry Pi Zero (W) requires only specifying two drivers in its /boot/cmdline.txt and /boot/config.txt  and enabling SSH . 


The setup of the XO requires enabling SSH (systemctrl enable sshd.service) and starting sshd (systemctrl start sshd.service).  XO Gnome Desktop tools provides for creating a connection method for sharing XO's WiFi with other computers.


Details are provided at XO / Pi sharing.


We can configured your Raspberry Pi Zero, Pi Zero W, or Pi Zero 2 W for $20. This includes installing the latest PlOS Desktop on a 16 GB micro SD card, USB cable and a Sugar Activity to provide commands (chrom) to start the sharing.  XO-1.5 provides useable operation.  XO-1 is slow, but works -- not suitable for routine use. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY Pi ZERO  BOARD.



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