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Michigan XO Laptop Community Repair CenterRepair, Parts and Enhancements for OLPC XO Laptop 


OLPC green "floor brick" power adapter with detachable power cord.  Cord with North American (U.S) plug (two flat blades) or European plug (two round pins).  For ALL XO models (XO-1, XO-1.5 , XO-1.75 and XO-4) .

$8 plus single $5.50 shipping (USA) per invoice. Stock greater than 100.   Subsidized discount for deployments.

Display for XO models XO-1 XO-1.5, XO-1.75, and some XO-4

$20 plus single $6.75 shipping (USA) per invoice. Stock greater than 100. Subsidized discount for deployments.

Base Upper Assembly (BUA) for XO-1 / XO-1.5 now in stock at $18 plus $6.75 shipping (USA) per invoice.  Keyboard for XO-1.5 at $12 plus shipping.  The BUA contains a keyboard and  the one-section touchpad.  The the keyboard alone is not compatible with the XO-1.  Limited quantities.

Serial Adapter kit for recovering 'bricked" XO-1 caused by discharged Clock battery (bug only iin originally shipped firmware). $25 including shipping (USA).  $10 refund for returning for recycling.  International:  $20 by first class mail and without recycling refund.  See:  Fix Clock

In stock


Assumes buyer has standard USB A/B cable (USB printer cable) for connecting adapter to PC or MAC.  Cable must have original "square" B connector -- NOT newer "flat" B connector.


ALTERNATE USB TO SERIAL ADAPTERS (hardware and software compatible with OLPC serial adapter kit)


Sparkfun version with mini or micro "flat" B connector (specify).  $25 with $ 15 refund for recycling.  Includes 12 inch cable to XO.  USB A/B cable not included. For micro version use a USB charging+sync cable.


FTDI-V3V-PCB circuit board.  No USB cable needed -- plugs directly into USB port.  $25 with $ 15 refund for recycling. Includes 12 inch  cable to XO.


By special order, XO-1 cables can be supplied for other serial adapters.




Also avaliable is a cable for direct connection to a serial port of a second XO .   This consists of two connectors and three wires (GND, TX RX) with a length of 12 inches.   Direct Serial Cable at $ 10  (USA. plus $ 2 shipping if shipped separately).  Requires current firmware version.    See: Direct serial port to serial port cable

For generic power adapters with 5.5mm/2.1mm plugs to XO power jack (5.5mm/1.70 mm center for 1.65 mm center pin, 9.50 mm length for jack of 10.0 mm).

$15 per set of 10 plus single $5.50 shipping (USA) per invoice.  (Single item $5.00, including shipping (USA) by first class mail.

Power plug (black) with 3 inch cable (previously listed as '"loose plug" from power adapter)  .  This is not an original OLPC part, but the plug dimensions match the original.  Included cable length is much shorter.  It is a replacement for the plug on the power adapter or for making custom power cables for multi-outlet power supplies.

Price is $ 0.75 each plus postage.   The price of one plug is $4.00, including shipping by First Class mail.

Batteries are available on eBay -- search on "olpc xo-1"

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